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7 Bridges Brewing Co. Celebrates the Opening of Its Second Taproom in Saigon: A New Haven for Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Updated: Mar 7

7 Bridges Brewing Co. proudly announces the opening of its second Saigon taproom, further cementing its presence in the heart of the city's vibrant beer culture. Perfectly positioned in downtown District 1 at 38 Đông Du street, this new location stands in a premium spot, exuding elegance and style, ideal for any time of day, whether for food, craft beer, or cocktails.

This new taproom, distinguished by its chic and refined design, offers a premium experience across its three floors. It features 40 taps of craft beer, surpassing almost any other location in Vietnam in variety and selection. The choices include all the 7 Bridges core and seasonal beers, along with guest beer and cider from Vietnam’s best craft producers.

Highlighting our 'Zero Waste Mission’, this new venue promises minimal environmental impact and a brighter, greener future.

Join us at 7 Bridges Brewing Co.'s second Saigon taproom to indulge in the perfect blend of flavor, craftsmanship, and eco-consciousness. Let's raise a glass to this exciting new chapter!


7 Bridges Brewing Co. Saigon Taproom

38 Đông Du, D1, HCMC

Phone, WhatsApp, Zalo: +84 375 384 038

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