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Experimental Art for Experimental Brewing
Art + AI + Craft Beer =  Infinite Possibilities!

Experience the art of craft beer with AI! Our project uses artificial intelligence to create unique art inspired by craft beer. We invite you to explore the art of craft beer and be part of the creative process. Let AI be your guide and explore the infinite possibilities of craft beer art!"



Time machine engaged. We uncovered a historical 1875 root beer recipe brought to the 21st Century through brewing science. Vietnamese sassafras, herbs and spices coupled with dark chocolate malt and a touch of hops makes for a refreshing draught for any space cowboy.

AI PROMPT: astronaut drinking a foamy root beer in 1875 cowboy saloon in western painting style of Frederic Remington
Old Ranchero.jpg
7th Day Keller.jpg


On the 7th Day, God had a beer and said it was good. In our insatiable curiosity and experimentation, we asked ourselves if it was possible to make a lager like beer in only 7 days. A bit of imagination combined with a lot of science, and…on day 7 we kegged 7th Day Keller, our modern riff on a German cellar beer (i.e. a lager served early in the maturation process). Kellers are naturally hazy with some remnant yeast, without filtration or pasteurization. Natural proteolytic enzymes cut the gluten to below 20 ppm making this an extremely low gluten beer.

AI PROMPT: portrait of a space brewer in the style of a religious sainthood idol


Never in the history of civilization has the human been able to enjoy a pilsner in only 7 days from brewing.  7th Wonder is exactly what the name implies.  It’s a Wonder of Science.  Temperature control, recipe balance, yeast selection and natural enzymatic action work together to deliver a crisp quashable beer that's almost indistinguishable from a Bohemian pils.  We go from grain to glass in less than 7 days to deliver maximum freshness.  Natural proteolytic enzymes cut the gluten to below 20 ppm making this an extremely low gluten beer


A traditional Bohemian Pilsner recipe reworked with the best of brewing science.  Biscuity malts are balanced with Saaz hops for just enough bitterness to highlight the crisp body of this futuristic brew.  Very low gluten

AI PROMPT: Steampunk astronaut with a mechanical hand holding glass of glowing pilsner beer in his highly detailed steampunk brewery; digital painting.
7th Wonder.jpg
Buddhas light touch.jpg


Inspired by the new direction of American light IPAs, this brew cannot be put into one category. Dry hopped with the mysterious and extremely fragrant Buddha’s Hand fruit, this hybrid between an American Wheat and NEIPA earns its name for the light touch of tropical fruit, soft malt body and citrusy hops. At only 125 kCal per standard glass, this summer ale is a light touch on the waistline.

AI PROMPT: a glass of beer in the hand of a meditating monk. Futuristic illustration style


A classic Irish Red Ale with rich maltiness and fruity esters balancing herbal hop notes.  Inspired by the hard working fishers and their woven coracle boats. 

The little round boats once used in Ireland share an uncanny likeness to Vietnam's own basket boats.

AI PROMPT: Aerial view of a circle shaped fishing boat in a black colored sea with colorful stars.
Mango Martian Pop.jpg


Martians love popsicles too. This finely tuned milkshake IPA is smooth and creamy with light fruity hints of mangoes and passionfruit, balanced against citra, mosaic and amarillo. Reminiscent of a cream pop--only improved for the journey to Mars. Allergy warning: Contains lactose sugar.

AI PROMPT: martians eating mango popsicles in style of vintage sci-fi poster


Midi-chlorian Count. The high Midi-chlorian count promisedthe galaxy a young Jedi destined to bring balance to the Force. But the dark side prevailed giving rise to a Sith of enormous power and bitter anguish. This red-black IPA has a high Midi-chlorian count of 7 hops and herbs lending a spiced dankness leading to a “pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."

AI PROMPT: Vietnamese Dark Lord wearing conical hat, sitting down while holding a glass of beer and a laser sword,
Midi-Cholrian Count.jpg
White Kumquat IPA.jpg


Vietnamese kumquats add a hint of citrus and pithy bite to this White IPA which balances the smooth mouthfeel of a juicy IPA with robust hop notes from a complex interplay of Mandarina Bavaria, Willamette, Amarillo and Mosaic hops. An IPA designed for the heat and humidity of Vietnam.

AI PROMPT: Gandalf the white drinking a pint of white beer with a dwarf king who is holding a glowing kumquat


Have you worked hard today? Reward yourself with a refreshing glass of ‘Out Standing Saison’. This style of beer was originally brewed for harvest time to quench the thirst of hard working folk. The high carbonation and dry finish make it a satisfying yet light brew. So the next time you are outstanding in your field, pick up a 7 Bridges ‘Out Standing Saison’ to toast your efforts.

AI PROMPT: Alien farmer out standing in his field with multiple moons in orbit. grant wood painting style
7 Bridges Brewery Logo.png
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