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7 Bridges Brewing Co. is committed to IMPACT BREWING and ZERO WASTE initiatives. The term ‘IMPACT BREWING’ was coined by our founder Uncle Stanley to describe our mission to leverage the power of craft beer to do good for the community and our local environment.

Our Zero Waste mission is to create value-added products from brewing by-products. This means reusing or recapturing wastewater, spent grain, yeast and hops to create pizza dough, chili sauce, soap and more. Our research lab has found ingenious uses for items that other breweries see as waste, this research will lead us to sustainability and beyond. 

Imagine a world where all businesses looked hard at their waste and impact on the planet… and simply did something about it. It’s not just what we brew, it’s what we do! 


Dragon Hot Sauce

We take recycling seriously and our 'Zero Waste Mission' is proud to be producing Dragon Chili Sauce.

A delicious hot sauce that is made with beer that most breweries pour down the drain. We up-cycle waste beer from brewing and turn it into something amazing. 

By choosing our Sustainable Beer Chili Sauce, you're not only enjoying a delicious and unique taste, but also supporting sustainable practices and local 

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Beach & River Clean-Ups

As a beachside town brewery we aim to deliver positive IMPACT in our community and support local groups with their environmental activities. We have organized and sponsored beach and river clean up days, with volunteers being rewarded with an ice cold beer for their efforts.  We trade ocean plastic for beer.

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Boardriders Club Da Nang

As a beachside brewery, 7 Bridges is thrilled to sponsor Da Nang's first surf competition.


Organised by Boardriders Club Da Nang, the Da Nang Open is the first of a series of planned competitions and community projects. 7 Bridges will be along for the journey to promote the surf scene in Vietnam. Celebrating achievements, a respect for the ocean and positive environmental action. 7 Bridges sponsors event and provides prizes including the '7 BRIDGES WAVE OF THE DAY'.


Beer United

Founded by 7 Bridges, BEER UNITED demonstrated the power of craft beer to bring together the community for a charitable purpose. The Annual festival helps to celebrate breweries from all over Vietnam, whilst also raising money for causes including DAVA (The Da Nang Association for Victims of Agent Orange).


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We support specific causes, especially wildlife conservation, through limited edition targeted beers. A percentage of each glass sold is donated to the chosen local charitable cause. That’s right; you drink one of our IMPACT Brews and you’re also helping to better the community. No need to feel guilty about having an extra beer or two!



Da Nang Marathon

As Environmental Partners for the Da Nang Marathon in both 2018 and 2019, we enlisted a group of volunteers to help collect and recycle over 440kg of waste from the 20KM race track. Our team of volunteers collected and recycled water bottles, caps, gel sachets and more. Focusing on the forgotten items and ‘stupid plastic’ that often gets missed in recycling. You can leave a mark without leaving any trash.




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Namduro is bi-yearly endurance, off-road motorbike adventure through the North of Vietnam. 7 Bridges not only sponsors the event, but challenges participants to collect as much trash from the roadside as possible. We ride.  We get muddy.  We set up pop-up taprooms in extreme locations.  The only thing we leave behind are tire tracks.

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Vietnam Trail Series

We proudly sponsor the Vietnam Trail Series, high-intensity adventure races throughout the year. We partner with VTS because they are an eco-forward organization.  In their races, participants found to be littering are immediately disqualified. They maintain a high standard of sustainability, and we support their endeavors by supplying 7 Bridges Recovery Radler to the runners after the race.  We love these races.

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