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"Leveraging the power of great craft beer, we build bridges in our community to bring people together and make a positive impact on our world. We want to be the company that’s not afraid to break with convention and build bridges for a stronger community and sustainable future."

Mission Statement


Stanley Boots - Chairman

We believe that craft beer builds community and through community we can achieve positive social and environmental IMPACTs for our future. Thus, our mission is to leverage the power of great craft beer to make a real IMPACT on our community.


Launched in April 2017 in Danang, Vietnam’s city of bridges, we still have that startup passion and hunger for innovation that fuels our IMPACT mission and drives us to brew internationally acclaimed beers.  Our zero waste initiative, charity activities such as Beer United and cleanup projects in the community form the core IMPACT mission of 7 Bridges Brewing Co. We operate with the mindset of social enterprise with an equal commitment to deliver world class beers.

Ok, enough about saving the world, what about our beer?  We went from garage to gold medals in only two years.  We are of the view that quality beer is our most fundamental given and is the starting point for everything else we do.  We love to brew many varieties of beers including right proper pub ales, hefeweizens, pale ales, IPAs, stouts and experimentals.  It’s just impossible for us to focus on one style. Thus, we brew true to form for the seasons, availability of interesting local ingredients and the evolving palates of our customers. 

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Saori Ushimi - CEO
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Asian Beer Championship Singapore:

  • Imperial IPA: Double IPA Gold Award

  • Dragon IPA: Pale Ale Silver Award

  • Sunset Tangerine Wheat: Jury President's Special Award

  • Cricket Porter: Jury President's Special Award

Awards 2019.jpg
Awards poster.jpg



BeerCraft Best of the Best 2019 Winner Vietnam.

First-place in blind taste test vote including 20 local and international craft beer companies.

Asian Beer Awards, Beer Festa Singapore:

  • Dragon IPA: IPA Gold Award

  • Beach Blonde Ale: Golden Ale Bronze Award


Asian Beer Championship Bangkok:

Top Prize for Medium Size Brewery in Asia

  • Hai Van Haze: New England IPA Gold Award

  • Imperial IPA: Double IPA Gold Award

  • Imperial Stout: Strong Ale Gold Award

  • My Khe Coconut IPA: Gold Prize in Experimental Category

  • Sunset Tangerine Wheat: Jury President's Special Awar


Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Fair:

  • Dragon IPA: Pale Ale Silver Award

  • Imperial Stout: Stout Silver Award 

  • Sunset Tangerine Wheat Bronze Award

  • Imperial IPA: Double IPA Bronze Award

  • Beach Blonde Ale: Ale Bronze Award

Awards poster.jpg


Asian Beer Championship Singapore: 

  • Victorious Bastard: Herbal Beer Gold Award

  • Bavarian Madness: Wheat Beer Silver Award

  • Dragon IPA: Pale Ale Bronze Award

  • Hai Van Haze: New England IPA Bronze Award


Asia Beer Championship Bangkok: 

  • Imperial IPA: Double IPA Silver Award

  • Fire Eater: Spice/Herb Beer Silver Award

  • Yuzu Wheat: Fruit Flavoured Beer Bronze Award

  • Bavarian Madness: Weissbier Bronze Award

  • Victorious Bastard: Spice/Herb Beer Chairman's Selection

  • Mango Passion Sour: Fruit Flavoured Beer Chairman's Selection



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7 Bridges Brewing Co.

Head Office: Đường Việt Bắc - Lô 03 B2.34 Khu TĐC Tân Trà, Phường Hòa Hải, Quận Ngũ Hành Sơn, Thành phố Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam.

Head Office Phone: +84 (0)23 6396 1909

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