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Grab a beer and lets go...To Space!

7 Bridges Brewing Co. has been brewing award winning beers for over 5 years. From day one we have been committed to Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We have focused our efforts in developing new ways to turn brewing waste into something useful. This is more than just greenwashing or swapping plastic straws for paper. We see the by-products of brewing as a positive opportunity rather than something to be disposed of. Our goal is to become 100% waste free while developing techniques and technology that can help the global beer industry become far more than just sustainable.

So why space beer? The race to put man on the moon inspired many technologies that we now use in everyday life. Heat resistant materials, communication and navigation. Where do you think GPS comes from?

Now the next space race is on. To put a permanent base on the moon and send many more humans into space. This means space tourism. And what do you need on your off-world holiday? A beer.

Feeding people as we explore space will require incredible innovation in food cultivation and waste management. We are taking our Zero Waste research to the next level, exploring how brewing by products can feed us in space and make a huge impact on hunger here on earth.

Join the Mission

You can be a part of cutting edge craft brewing and sustainability by signing up on our pre launch Indiegogo. Crew members will get the inside story and cool Space Rations (mission patches, soaps and hot sauce) from our zero waste program. Plus discounts on beer every time you visit a 7 Bridges taproom.

Join the crew, contribute to the mission and maybe one day (soon) we can share a zero waste beer in zero gravity.

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